Nicole Tisdale

Advocate. Staffer. Attorney. Inventor. Author. Teacher.

Helping you understand political advocacy & channel your full potential

My Story

I am the Democratic Subcommittee Director and Counsel to the United States House of Representatives Committee on Homeland Security, Subcommittee on Counterterrorism and Intelligence. I also serve as the Director of Outreach and Coalitions for Democratic Members and Staff. I am the primary advisor to Ranking Member Bennie G. Thompson (MS), and the Democratic Members of the Subcommittee and Full Committee. I advise Members of Congress on national security policy matters and legislation related to intelligence, counterterrorism, cyber, and law enforcement.

Since joining the Committee in 2009, I have helped to advance the Committee’s outreach efforts and I have created strategic partnerships with the private sector. I have worked to convene a wide range of stakeholders, build common solutions, and harness support for legislation and oversight to advance the Committee’s priorities to help secure our Nation.

My Values & Beliefs

I believe in a world of intense division, dignified poise and accessibility unite us all as human. And being human makes us happy.

My goal is to redefine the way we meaningfully interact with our government. Our democracy depends on its people and we cannot afford to be inactive or uneducated.

My mission is to be humble. Be dignified. Strive to deliver. Always teach.

My Approach

I have represented the U.S. on official delegations to more than 30 nations, including Turkey, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Australia, Qatar, Canada, United Arab Emirates, and China to discuss and negotiate a range of security, economic, intelligence, political, and human rights issues with foreign leaders.

I am involved within the community and in the political world, serving as: Board Member of the non-profit, non-partisan Mississippi Society of Washington, DC; Frontrunner for She Should Run, a national, non-partisan organization dedicated to eliminating the barriers to women running for local, state, and national office; and Board Advisor to the Congressional Black Associates, a bicameral, non-partisan organization that serves as the professional and social network for black employees working on Capitol Hill.

My Details

I received both my Juris Doctorate (2009) and Bachelor’s of Art (2006) from the University of Mississippi.

I am also the inventor and patent holder for the Southern Magnolia Artificial Christmas Tree (Patent# USD768533S1).

I believe in passionately empowering and educating adults and youth about democratic processes and advocacy rights.

I am a former government and political science substitute teacher and tutor and I still volunteer with advocacy education groups through out the Washington Capital Region and Mississippi.

I am a frustrated golfer and I enjoy hosting salon dinner discussions in my home.

My heart will always be in Mississippi, but I currently reside in Washington, DC.