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When is the last time you had an advocacy or congressional tuneup? When is the last time you or your members had an opportunity to hear directly from a staffer about what works and what doesn’t work. Are you feeling that some of your advoacy tools and techniques are a bit outdated? Would you want to learn the right “asks” you can make, end deadlock, and finally create positive action on the issues you care about?

Through my speaking and book, Right to Petition, I provide how-to manuals for voters, advocates, students, activists, and anyone who wants to take action and change public policy in Washington, DC. I’ve put together more than a decade of Congressional insider’s knowledge, understandable tools, and plain language explanations.

I’ve always enjoyed teaching and empowering people and this book will help me reach more people. So come, learn, share, and grow!

Congressional "asks" and advocacy tools to help you make significant change.

Common mistakes to avoid.

Advice on the best time to make your asks or use the tools.

Strategies for successfully getting to the right people.

About Me

During my decade of Capitol Hill, I served as a principal senior advisor, strategist, and confidant to Members of Congress on a wide variety of political matters and policy issues. I have extensive expertise in diverse topics ranging from national security and intelligence to immigration and congressional processes.

Now, I work with individuals and organizations who are eager to accelerate policy issues, increase advocacy efforts, and
create changes in their organizations and communities. My passion is making government accessible to everyone. I left my position to focus on Congressional education, training, and consultations by providing a variety of customized keynotes, courses, seminars, workshops, and strategic guidance. 

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