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What if you learned everything you’ve been doing to get Congress’s attention and support has been ineffective? What if everything you know about advocating in front of Congress is outdated? Would you want to learn the right “asks” you can make, end deadlock, and finally create positive action on the issues you care about?

My book, Right to Petition, is a how-to manual for voters, advocates, students, activists, and anyone who wants to take action and change public policy in Washington, DC. I’m putting together more than a decade of Congressional insider’s knowledge, understandable tools, and plain language explanations.

I’ve always enjoyed teaching and empowering people and this book will help me reach more people. So come, learn, share, and grow!

Congressional "asks" and advocacy tools to help you make significant change.

Common mistakes to avoid.

Advice on the best time to make your asks or use the tools.

Strategies for successfully getting to the right people.

About Me

With nearly a decade of Capitol Hill experience, I have served as a principal senior advisor, strategist, and confidant to members of Congress on a wide variety of political matters and policy issues. I have extensive expertise in diverse topics ranging from national security and intelligence to immigration and congressional processes.

I have a winning record of developing and executing bipartisan legislative agendas in the Congress through my strong project management and coalition-building abilities. I remain a key senior advisor with a long history of collaborating with senior and new members of Congress, corporations, government affairs firms, and public interest advocacy groups. I am also actively involved within the community and in the political world, serving as an executive board member of many non-profit, non-partisan community organizations and charities.

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